3 Techniques You Can Use Under Gray Hat SEO

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SEO or known as Search Engine Optimization the practice to increase the potential qualified visitors to a website by improving the ranks in the first page of search engine result (SERPs). To thrive in the online business world you should have to build a successful SEO campaign. You must know that delray beach seo can help you get the target audience on your website easily. There several Seo strategies and techniques that commonly used by businesses, like gray hat SEO.

Gray Hat Seo is a strategy that is still considered illegal techniques or practices. You can get the effectiveness of gray hat SEO but if you use this technique wisely. It is important to know about these techniques because it often changes. Some techniques may change this year and considered a black hat or white hat a year after. Here are some techniques in gray hat so that you can use.

3 Techniques You Can Use Under Gray Hat SEO

1. Buying old domains

Old domains can be very useful if they have been used for Seo purposes before, so that’s why some people purchase an expired and old domain. Before you buying old domains, it’s better for you to check out the old keywords that it should be relevant to your campaign. You can place several backlinks on the website and make sure it is visible to your audience.

2. Using charity links as paid links

You should make a content that promotes the goals of the relevant charity. Make sure that you have put the link to the page where the visitors can make the donation.

3. Paid Reviews

Paid reviews is a technique that you can use for paying people to make a review. You can hire people to create a review and pay them for specific price.

That’s some information you need to know about strategies that used in grey hat SEO techniques. It is important for you to understand how it works before you start a website.

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