Can Swimming Reduce Weight?

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Already reduced the portion of food but not thin? Maybe you still lack exercise. Exercise can help burn the body’s calories, so the calories that come out will be more than the calories that come in so that weight loss will be achieved. Most people like to be lazy to exercise because they do not want to be tired, afraid of heat, lazy to move, and so forth. But, you might be able to try swimming, who knows that weight can go down by swimming. You can visit the website of fiberglass pools lexington sc and we will help you to make or repair your pool.

How to swim to lose weight?

For those of you who are overweight and want to be thin, swimming might be one way to help you lose weight. When swimming, the body can burn enough calories. Swimming for 60 minutes can burn about 500 calories to produce energy, it can even reach around 700 calories.

The more weight you have, the more calories you can burn when swimming. How many calories you burn when swimming is also determined by the style of swimming you use.

You can use butterfly style if you want to burn calories to the fullest. In 10 minutes, swimming in a butterfly style can burn calories up to 150 calories in adults weighing 72.5 kg. Besides the butterfly style, you can also use freestyle to burn more calories. After that, the breaststroke and backstroke, which burns calories is equivalent to brisk walking or jogging.

If you want to lose weight fast, you should swim at least 30 minutes per day. This is because in the early minutes of swimming, the body will burn carbohydrates first and after that just burn fat. Fat burning usually occurs after about 20 minutes of swimming. We recommend that you start swimming with a duration of 10 minutes first, if you are just starting to swim, and then you can increase the duration gradually.

According to the American Heart Association, swimming for 30-60 minutes in 4-6 days a week can help you lose weight and reduce health risks, such as stroke, diabetes, and heart disease.

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