Electricity Fire Fighting Stages

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The risk of fire because electricity can occur without our predictions. But if we as electricity users always install electrical installations according to procedures, use standardized electrical components, and comply with electrical regulations, the causes of fires as described above may be minimized. But there is nothing wrong if we find out how the stages of fire suppression caused by electricity as an anticipatory and preventive step according to cheap electrician in singapore.

If a spark sparks on a component or an electrical installation system in your home, immediately turn off the circuit breaker that has been installed by PLN in your home. When the electricity has been turned off, you can check the cause of the spark and justify it.
If there has been a small fire and burned one of the components or electrical systems in your home, put out the hotspot with a damp cloth that is wide and thick, or use a fire extinguisher. As soon as possible do the same thing as in point 1.
If there is a large fire, do not water it if the electricity has not been extinguished. Contact the fire department so that the fire can be handled properly.
If you are caught in a fire due to electricity, make sure your body is not wet, and not make direct contact with objects that can conduct electricity.
In any case, if a fire has arisen while you are hesitant to handle it yourself, immediately turn off the PLN circuit breaker in your home then immediately contact the fire department.

Electric fires can be more dangerous and difficult to handle than ordinary fires. To overcome this you must understand the principles of electricity so that you do not mistakenly handle the fire caused by electricity. What has been described above is the initial stage of handling fires due to electricity. Thus the article about the Stages of Fire Suppression due to Electricity, hopefully, this article will benefit you.

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