Illustration Describe How Patients Have Anxiety Disorders

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Everyone must have experienced anxiety and worry in his life. Whether it’s because of family problems, friendships, relationships, work, even with yourself. However, some people have excessive anxiety or anxiety, which makes it difficult to carry out daily activities. Not many people know what happens in the minds of people who are anxious. Launching from ayahuasca, an illustrator named Pranita Kocharekar described the awkward moments experienced by people of anxiety. When someone important like the boss calls to talk, along the way the mind is filled with various questions. “Am I doing something wrong?”, “Am I going to be fired?”, “What if my job is so bad?” When there are symptoms of health problems, they will be very worried about it until they find out to Google. Unfortunately, after reading it, the concern was even more increased because of seeing various information that is not necessarily true.

He said he wanted to call at 4. But it was 10 minutes past, there was no incoming call. Did he cancel his desire to call? Did he forget? Did he experience something bad until he couldn’t call? Even small things will become a problem that takes your mind all day until it makes you feel life is not fair. For example, when you see small ants carrying large chunks of food while you don’t need to be that difficult to eat. A bit of a strange noise at night managed to make sufferers of anxiety wake up overnight because they were afraid. You must have been too right? Anxious people can be very afraid of things that are not necessarily irrational, for example, you fear that swallowed watermelon seeds can grow in the body. They can even seclude themselves and sink into fear.

When a person greets, the anxious person is hesitant about being. He is difficult to determine whether to respond kindly or indifferently. The result, he will be seen doing both. Some people play to relax his mind. But it is different from people anxiety. They can actually feel stressed when the game he plays will lose.

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