Living room with tapestry carpet in a minimalist modern style

Thursday , 10, January 2019 Leave a comment

Who says the use of carpet companies near me rugs is not suitable for a modern minimalist living room and can reduce the beauty of the interior? In fact, the living room is actually comfortable and still beautiful. The tapestry carpet suitable for this minimalist modern style is a short-haired type with a tassel on the edges. For color, choose the same as the interior. Instead of using a pillow, try using a bean bag as a backrest. For guests who are elderly, sitting down will feel difficult and quite tiring. If you often come to guests like this, you should make a living room with a rug that can be used for lesehan while providing a seat. Parents can sit comfortably, even the young ones can be free to sit down under soft pillows. Don’t forget to provide a coffee table with short legs to serve snacks and drinks.

If you feel the carpet rug is not in accordance with the style of the interior of the house, there is no harm in replacing the carpet with fur rugs. After all, with fur rugs, the atmosphere will be more warm and comfortable. You and your guests will be equally welcome to chat for a long time. If the living room is small, use a small fur rug that doesn’t cover the entire surface of the floor. Thus, the living room will not look crowded. There are some people who are not comfortable sitting on the carpet because of the flat surface. Therefore, you can replace rug carpets using thin mattresses that are clearly more comfortable. Choose plain sheets or upholstery, then add pillows with a variety of motifs. So comfortable, you might fall asleep in this living room.

The use of rug carpets for lesehan living rooms does not always have to be large and have a fancy motif. For example, like a carpet rug above that is small and plain.

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