The oldest golf club in Scotland

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After knowing the history of the discovery of the origin of the sport of Golf. There is a fact that shows “modern” golf originating and much developed in the Scottish State. The golf course that was first discovered was a golf course in Scotland. The first written regulations that have governed a game of golf also come from Scotland. In addition, there is also a golf course with 18 holes in Scotland. The start of a golf match begins with the existence of an official golf tournament in matches between golfers from various cities in Scotland. After a long time, a modern golf game began to spread to the United Kingdom and then spread throughout the world. In the meantime, if you have a plan to visit Thailand, we recommend you to try the high-class bangkok golf course.

The history of golf is incomplete if you don’t find historical relics in the past. With the existence of the oldest golf course in the world called The Old Links in Musselburgh Racecourse. This field is located on a seafront so-called links because it is in a sandy hill that connects directly with the sea and land. This is reinforced by written evidence that shows that golf was played at the Musselburgh Links right in 1672. Although Queen Mary from Scotland has been reported to have played golf there in 1567.

The description on the golf course has 18 holes. But this time it’s different from the golf course at St Andrews Links which is in a fairly narrow piece of land that has Queen Mary from Scotland who is on the edge of the sea. In the 15th century, golfers in the St Andrews region made a ditch on land that had waves and players had to be able to overcome natural challenges before they could put a ball into a hole.

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