These are the tricks for saving your propane

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Now the era is very expensive, it must be good at frugality, including saving in the use of Propane gas. Since March 2015, the price of 12 kilograms of Propane has increased from the initial price in some countries. Those of you who are accustomed to using Propane gas will certainly feel the impact of the price increase. Meanwhile, cooking needs and others still have to go. On the other hand, you want to be able to save money. Meanwhile, you may check out the recommended propane gas companies near me as well.

Users of Propane start to think of various ways to save money on their users. Save on Propane gas can be done in various ways.

Some of these methods can even be done alone. The way to use this Propane gas to save more money is also quite easy.

Here are four easy ways to save Propane gas:

1. Make sure to cook with a blue flame

Try to adjust the air settings of the gas, to produce a blue flame. This blue flame will be hot enough when used to cook food when compared to the red color of the flame.

Blue flames can make food cook faster. That way, cooking with blue fire makes Propane gas more efficient.

2. Used as needed

Cooking food or cooking water requires the use of gas quite often. Try to reduce the portion of food or the activity of cooking the water so it is not too frequent.

You can use an electric kettle to cook water, so the gas is only used for cooking food. For cooking, you can also cook large portions to consume for several days, so that the food is not cooked every day.

3. Propane is safe and comfortable

This is an activity that you must do if you use Propane at home. Check the expiration date of the gas cylinder. This expiration date is in the part of the gas hand grip.

It is better if you buy Propane gas, pay attention to the feasibility of using it. You can also buy an automatic regulator to prevent the gas from coming out if there is no source of the fire. Avoid gas leaks that will be dangerous.

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