Wireless Access Point: The Use of Wifi in These Days

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Technology has made life easier in activities. Electronic manufacturers develop new product variants that are introduced with better and more sophisticated features with better performance. Choosing the best wireless access point is to become a moving target because there are always new, better devices with advanced features and technology. For this reason, we need to pay attention to the factory specs that they can offer in order to meet your needs properly. Going to find out the trusted company for Wireless site survey Toronto?

A good wireless access point is one that can work or operate in various operating modes: as an Access Point, Repeater, Bridge, and Wireless Client. As a wireless access point (WAP), this device can allow LAN cable networks to be developed into wireless networks by connecting this AP device to an Ethernet port on your LAN network for example to a Switch or to a router modem directly.

The best wireless access point must support the Wireless Distribution System (WDS) feature. With WDS a wireless network can be developed using multiple wireless APs without having to use a network cable backbone and the client can roam between wireless APs. With this WDS feature, you can develop a large wireless network with mutual links between wireless APs and WDS Links without having to connect with a backbone cable like traditional AP networks. Generally, this WDS feature is very suitable for use in wireless network environments that are very wide and wide eg in factories, on campus and so on.

Best wireless access points must support reliable security features including supporting the latest wireless security features, namely the industry standard Wireless Protected Access. For use in a corporate environment, the need for advanced security features is also necessary. If you need support for radius authentication if your corporate network has a central radius server. And also to facilitate the installation of client connections to the network, it also requires features that support Wireless Protected Setup (WPS), which usually only pushes the push button for easy connection.

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